The journey of TraMOH so far

  • 2017

    The Humble Beginning

    Faced with constantly loosing the track of buyer's orders, it all started with the investigating the cause of the key issue. Upon investigating, it was realized that the issue can be resolved if a software can help track the orders with least possible data entry. With this began the journey of TraMOH

  • March 2018

    TraMOH is born

    With the focus on ultra-simple software to solve the burning issue, we set out to create a solution. Months of dedicated and rigorous work born fruits with TraMOH coming to life. Although not that eventful, but the much needed simple solution was there to be used.

  • Aug 2018

    General Availability

    Thanks to the partners who used the software diligently and provided extremely valuable feedback. This helped us to raise the bar of the user experience from simple to ultra-simple before we could offer it for general use.

  • Aug 2018 and beyond

    The Road Ahead

    With the use of the good software comes the great feedback. And when things are simple, the expectations grow rapidly. With the list of features to roll out for yet a next level of user experience, we have a good roadmap to work upon and deliver to the expectations.

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    Of the

Minimal Data Entry

Your core business is to act on behalf of the your customer (i.e. Buyer) orders and ensure timely delivery of the same from suppliers.

All that is needed to manage your order is the order itself. This means you need to deal with only the order related information and system generates the action items

No need to enter and maintain the product catalogue as that is not what is required to manage the order and action items.

Buyer specific workflows

You may be having lots of buyers dealing in different product ranges. Each buyer may have different processes for their orders to be managed.

You can create different workflow for each buyer and manage the actions according to their processes.

Do not fret to add workflows. You are not required to do lot of data entry. All you need to do is select your relevant action items from the master workflow and attach with the respective buyer.

Alerts for actions

You have many orders to monitor. There are many transactions to deal with. You often miss out some transactions and then need to follow up after.

Worry not, TraMOH is to your rescue. You will never miss out any transaction. Be it your own, your buyer or the supplier's responsibility.

You will receive popup and email alerts listing your overdue action items. You have full control on how you would like to receive the alerts.

Dashboard at your service

You want to know how many orders are completed, how many in progress, how many on track, how many delayed. You also want to know the top actions that must be taken to keep things on track.

You want to know, in a quick snapshot, what state is my business at and where its going. How much is the progress customer wise

Fret not, the Dashboard is to your rescue. You get a quick overview of the important points your business as soon as you log in. This helps you take necessary actions, if needed, well in time.

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